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Therapeutic Parenting

Increase your understanding of the relationship between you and your child

Therapeutic parenting is action oriented and is centered on parental empowerment and conscious decision making. It involves making a paradigm shift from traditional parenting to therapeutic parenting so healing within your family happens every day within your home and not just one hour a week in a therapist office. 

  • It begins where you are, identifying your strengths and what is positive

  • It is an interactive process that helps create a family environment  conducive to developing strong parent/child relationships

  • it helps you clarify your goals and create a course of action that is unique to your family

  • it motivates and guides you as you gain insight and begin to parent from a planned and purposeful response rather than reacting out of frustrations, fear or exhaustion

  • It helps define the future and not relive the past

Image by Lena Kudryavtseva
Therapuetic Parenting: Services
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