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Family Counseling

Healing happens in relationships

The goal of family counseling is to create a healing environment that can strengthen family relationships and help parents feel more peace and less stress.

If you are looking for help you are most likely already experiencing some level of despair. Do any of the following sound familiar to you? 

  • you are frustrated with your parent/child relationship

  • you are overwhelmed, confused, discouraged, or even hopeless

  • you no longer enjoy parenting

  • parenting conflicts are causing issues in your marriage or other areas in your life

  • you are unable to fully enjoy your life because of anxiety, frustration, anger, sadness, or fears about your children/family

Family sessions begin by working with parents to create change within their current situation. Supportive guidance is provided to assist you in restoring balance and gaining new perspectives. Children are brought into sessions once parents have been provided with the support that they need and therapeutic goals have been defined.

Family Counseling: Services
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